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HSBN is like nothing else you have experienced. Our intent is to reinvigorate youth baseball one community at a time. We closely track every high school baseball player in every county in our network. We report extensively on league games during the high school year, we track stats and league leaders, we support and promote programs that work hard to get better, that strive to create smarter athletes and evolved individuals.

We do all that via our network of sites that connect directly with each community we cover.

Started in 2010, HSBN (High School Baseball Network) has grown from one website (, to 10 websites within our network, one for each region in Florida. The network is now connected so players, coaches, and fans can follow not only their own teams, but every team in the state!

Our goal at the beginning was simple. We wanted to make sure that all programs had a place to call home for their team news. In the eight years of our existence, we have become the most trusted, and reliable source of high school baseball information in the state. Our Power Rankings are the most well-respected, and our coverage is second to none.

HSBN strives to cover all programs, not just the top winning programs. Equal coverage is a directive, and our reporters and staff keep everything positive in our coverage. That positive attitude has spread throughout the high school baseball community, and has brought the state of Florida to the forefront, and leader in high school baseball.

Through our early success, HSBN has been able to expand our offerings to include hosting All-Star games in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade counties. Our All-District awards given out annually is a cutting edge concept that highlights hundreds of players for their seasons’ success, and our All-American awards are respected as the most accurate in South Florida.

HSBN has also become a leader in the off-season, organizing Summer and Fall leagues and tournaments, while creating a first-of-its-kind HSBN Media Day, which serves as a preseason media event for over 100 high school programs in South Florida.

HSBN’s growing partnerships in the community are giving these student-athletes opportunities they have never before been privy to.

Working on a limited budget, HSBN has become the go-to place for high school baseball in the state of Florida, so what are you waiting for, come along and join the revolution!
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