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Class of 2023
Charlie Cardinale
  • Career Record 503-251
  • 29 Years at Cooper City, Hollywood Hills, South Broward
  • Two Time Coach of the Year
  • 8 District Championships
  • 20 Regional Appearances
“To be considered by HSBN for this honor, and to go into the Hall of Fame with some of these coaching legends is truly an honor. I look forward to the induction ceremony, and getting to share the stage with these coaches who have defined high school baseball here in South Florida through the years.”
Darin Koch
  • First Team All-County as Player in 1984-85
  • 20 Years Coaching at South Broward
  • Two Time Coach of the Year
  • 2 District Championships
  • 8 Regional Appearances
“It is truly an honor to be going into the Hall of Fame. I never thought when I started coaching, following in my dad’s footsteps, that I would end up here. There are so many deserving people that belong in this Hall of Fame. Some of these guys are absolute legends, and to even be considered among this is amazing.”
Ed Waters
  • 481 Career Wins
  • Over 50 Years Coaching at St. Thomas
  • 3 State Titles
  • 32 District Championships
  • 9 State Final Four Appearances
“I have had some great battles on the field with many of the coaches being inducted into this Hall of Fame, and I am blessed that I am still able to be coaching after all these years. Seeing some of the names being inducted, it brings back a lot of memories, and I am honored to be a part of this event.”
Ernie Padron
  • 590 Career Wins
  • 31 Years Coaching At Florida Christian, TERRA Institute, & Coral Gables
  • Three State Championships
  • 2001-2006 Six Straight State Final Four Appearances With Florida Christian
  • Over 100 Players Signed To Play In College
  • Coached 16U USA National Team That Won Gold In 2008, 2009, & 2011
“This is an honor and something I thought I would never ascertain. The honor could not have been possible without the many players I was fortunate enough to coach, who believed in what I was teaching. Also, the many assistant coaches that have selflessly given their time and effort to make me look good. Finally, to my family that has been there through the good, the bad, and the ugly in my career. This honor goes out to all those who have made me Ernie Padron.”
Frank Bumbales
  • 355 Career Wins
  • 24 Years at Coral Springs
  • .561 Career Winning Percentage
  • Three Straight District Titles From 2012-2014
  • 300th Win Came in 2011 Courtesy Of His Son, Cole, Throwing a No-Hitter
“I thank HSBN for this prestigious honor. It is an honor to even be considered for the Hall of Fame, and I am looking forward to catching up with a lot of old friends at the induction ceremony.”
Fred Burnside
  • 51 Years At Killian, Southridge, and South Dade
  • 11 District Titles
  • 4 State Final Four Appearances
  • State Championship In 2014
  • National Coach Of The Year In 2014
“It is truly an honor to be included in HSBN’s inaugural Hall of Fame class. Congratulations to all my peers being inducted. What a blessing it has been to be part of this great game of baseball. I want to thank all my coaches for their hard work. To my players, the many memories and relationships built with them, I will cherish forever.”
George Petik
  • 406 Career Wins
  • 10 District Championships
  • 5 Regional Championships
  • 1 State Championship At Cardinal Gibbons
  • Several Times Coach Of The Year
“I am honored to be recognized with such a distinguished group of coaches. Building and maintaining a successful program for 20 plus years as all these coaches have done, is a testament to the dedication and commitment of these coaches. I salute them all.”
Jason Hamilton
  • 25 Years At Northeast & Cardinal Gibbons
  • Over 400 Career Wins
  • 13 Coach Of The Year Awards
  • 9 District Championships
  • 10 20-Win Seasons
“Having played in South Florida, and then having the chance to coach all these years at Cardinal Gibbons, I feel blessed to be a part of this first HSBN Hall of Fame class. It has been an amazing journey, and receiving this honor alongside some of the greatest coaches and mentors of all-time down here, will be something I always treasure.”
Joe Weber
  • Over 500 Career Wins at Columbus
  • State Championships In 2003 & 2015
  • 11 District Championships
  • 6 Regional Titles
  • Multiple Coach Of The Year Awards
“It is amazing how fast the years have flown by. As like many of these coaches being inducted, I only set out to make these young players successful men in society. The games and battles have been memorable, and I am honored to be a part of the first HSBN Hall of Fame class.”
Len Koch
  • 22 Years Coaching at South Broward
  • 349 Career Wins
  • 4 District Championships
  • 2 Time Coach Of The Year
  • Field At South Broward Named After Him
“It is an honor to be induced into the Hall of Fame with some of the coaches that I have battled for decades. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame is special, and I am honored to be among the first group inducted.”
Mandy Pelaez
  • Coaching 32 Years
  • 17 Years at Miami Sunset
  • Dozens of College and Pro Players
  • Currently at Southwest
“To see some of the coaches that are going into the Hall of Fame, I can’t even imagine I would ever be able to mentioned in the same breath as them. My only goal is always to guide young student-athletes, and being recognized for that is a special honor. I look forward to the induction ceremony.”
Mike Moss
  • 28 Years At Boyd Anderson, Taravella, Chaminade, & West Broward
  • 408 Career Wins
  • 6 District Titles
  • 4 Regional Finals Appearances
  • 1 State Final Four Appearance
“It has been a long road from when I started coaching until now. I have developed many friendships along the way, and to be included in this list of inductees is something that I will never forget. I thank HSBN for this honor, and look forward to swapping stories, and reminiscing in what will be an amazing Hall of Fame ceremony night.”
Pat McQuaid
  • 947 Career Wins At Nova
  • 18 District Championships
  • Two State Championships
  • National Championship In 2005
  • Inducted Into The Broward County Hall Of Fame In 2005
“I am humbled by the recognition and appreciate everything HSBN does to expand and promote baseball in South Florida. The first Hall of Fame class represents the men and history of South Florida baseball over the past 50 years. Through the years South Florida has become recognized nationally as a hotbed for high school baseball. Baseball is about dreams, memories, and stories and I am honored to have been a part of the growth of baseball in South Florida.”
Pedro Guerra
  • 12 District Championships At Miami Brito
  • 5 Regional Titles
  • 3 State Championships
  • Coach Of The Year In 2006, 2010, 2014, & 2015
“It is an honor to be selected to be in the first class of the HSBN Hall of Fame. I thank all my coaches and players that have allowed me to receive this honor.”
Ralph Henriquez
  • Over 550 Career Wins
  • 44-Game Winning Streak With Key West From 1994-1996
  • 1995-1996 Back-To-Back State Championships
  • Winningest Coach In Key West History
  • Multiple Coach Of The Year Awards
“Coaching baseball down here in South Florida has been one of the best experiences of my life. Looking down the list of coaches that are being inducted, I see a lot of familiar names, coaches who I have developed friendships with through the years. I am humbled and honored to be one of the members of the first HSBN Hall of Fame class.”
Ralph Suarez
  • Over 600 Career Wins
  • 6 State Championships At Brito, Gulliver Prep, and Doral
  • National Coach Of The Year In 2001
  • 25 Players Drafted By MLB
  • Over 10 Regional Championships
“Us coaches start out our careers wanting to help young men reach their dreams. I have been lucky through the years to have been a part of some special teams, and have been around some amazing assistant coaches and players. To gain an honor like this, you have to be surrounded by a lot of great people, and I would not have achieved this without that. I am humbled that HSBN has chosen to recognize me in their first Hall of Fame class.”
Ray Evans
  • Career Record 559-251-2
  • 33 Years At Miami Beach, Dr. Krop, Flanagan, & Dr. Phillips
  • 17 District Championships
  • 21 Regional Appearances
  • 3 State Championships, 1 National Championship in 2010
  • 10-Time Coach Of The Year
“Being a part of something special at several different schools in Broward and Miami has been an honor. The coaches on this list are some of the greatest that have ever been in a dugout in South Florida, and to be chosen in the same class is special. No coach receives these type honors on their own, so I am thankful for all my coaches and players through the years that helped me not only achieve my goals, but allowed me to help them achieve theirs.”
Rich Bielski
  • Over 400 Wins
  • 9 State Championships, 2 With Hialeah, 7 With Archbishop McCarthy
  • National Coach Of The Year In 2011
  • National Champions In 2011 & 2017
  • 18-1 Career Record In The State Final Four
“I am humbled to be honored with such amazing coaches and incredible men who have given so many years, and tireless effort to helping our young men chase their dreams. I was blessed with the most amazing assistant coaches throughout my career, and that makes this honor as much theirs as it is mine.”
Rich Hofman
  • 1020 Coaching Wins – Most All-Time In High School
  • 10 State Championships
  • 2 National Championships in 1992 & 1996
  • 11-Time National Coach Of The Year
  • Baseball America Coach Of The Decade In the 1990’s
“To have coached all the years I did in South Florida was a blessing. Through the years, I had the privilege of being around some of the best players and young men a coach could ask for. I have had some amazing assistant coaches, and have coached against many of the Hall of Fame inductees. It is an honor that HSBN is recognizing all the hard work and dedication all these coaches have put in through the years, and it is an honor to stand among them in the first HSBN Hall of Fame class.”
Sonny Hansley
  • 570 Career Wins
  • 28 Years Coaching In Broward County
  • Started Baseball Program At Nova Southeastern
  • Multiple District Championships & Regional Appearances
“This Hall of Fame class includes many of the best coaches to ever do it here in South Florida. I am honored to call all of them not only fellow coaches, but also, friends. I had the opportunity to be a part of not only the high school community, but also the college experience with my time at Nova Southeastern. I thank HSBN for this honor, and look forward to celebrating this induction with my fellow inductees.”
Terry Portice
  • Coached In over 700 Games At Fort Lauderdale
  • 51 Years Coaching
  • Over 300 Wins
  • Several Regional Appearances
  • Over 50 College Players
“What an amazing honor to be recognized by HSBN as a Hall of Fame inductee. I have coached many great players who have become great men, and have seen a lot of change in the high school game through the years. One thing that doesn’t change is all of our love for the game, and desire to see these young men we coach, succeed.”
Todd Fitz-Gerald
  • Over 500 Career Wins
  • 5 State Titles
  • 5 National Titles
  • 14 Time Coach of the Year
  • 22 Straight Years In State Playoffs
  • Over 100 College Players
  • Over 40 Drafted Players
“I am humbled by this honor. To be able to not only play down here, but to then coach and help so many players realize their potential and dreams, is the reason most of us coaches do what we do. The long hours, and the on-field battles, are always appreciated when we see young players reach their goals. I thank HSBN for this honor, and look forward to the ceremony with many of the best coaches in South Florida history.”
Tom Duffin
  • Over 30 Years At Monsignor Pace
  • Over 520 Career Wins
  • 7 State Final Four Appearances
  • 2 State Championships
  • 125 Players Signed To College Scholarships/li>
  • 17 Players Drafted In First 5 Rounds Of MLB Draft/li>
“I am honored to be among the first class of the HSBN Hall of Fame. I thank HSBN, and also all my coaches and players through the years. It has been a great journey, and I will not forget all the memorable games and people that made the journey special.”
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