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Ian Fernandez, #15 from Miami Sunset, is a pitcher that graduates with the class of 2020. Ian Fernandez was coming off a junior year where he had an ERA below two, and was building on that impressive resume when his season was cut short. Ian reflects on what this experience has meant to him. Essay: Like all students, I was caught off guard when school was canceled the week before Spring Break. At that time, it seemed we would be returning to school after the two-week layoff. Then we found out the season was being suspended. As the days went on, most of us started realizing we may never return to our schools to finish the school year, my senior year. Not going to lie, at first, having a few weeks off seemed like it would not be so bad. Now, like many, I find myself thinking about the things we had that maybe we didn’t appreciate as much as we should have, and the things we may never be able to experience. There are a lot of things I really miss. I looked forward, every day, to hanging with my teammates during lunch. I miss seeing them, and my other friends during different times of the day, either in class, or in the halls. I miss seeing my girlfriend and spending time with her. I miss hanging out with my friends Riley and Luis every day after practice, eating at Burger King, WaWa, or Little Caesars, just before going to work out. I miss talking to my teachers about life. I miss the Saturday field work and BBQ with the players, coaches, and our families. I miss hanging out with the boys in the locker room, messing with each other. I miss our biggest fan Bolo keeping score. I miss the feeling of waking up and realizing I have a start that day. I miss talking to my dad after the games. But most of all, I miss the bus rides to the away games. If they cancel the season, I will be miss celebrating senior day with all the seniors. I will miss seeing what we could have accomplished as we were just starting to gel. I will miss my coaches, and I will miss my family and my girlfriend seeing me play. I will miss the feeling after a win. I am thankful that God put Miami Sunset High School in my path. There is no other school I would have wanted to have graduated from. I know this year will be written about forever, so in a way our senior class will never be forgotten. I know that closing schools and canceling baseball will not affect my relationship with my friends and girlfriend. I also understand I am not alone. Sports all over the country were canceled. There are millions of athletes like me, probably missing many of the same things I do. We can’t spend time thinking and dwelling about what we miss or will be missing. We must appreciate the memories we have, maintain the friendships we have established, and understand that even though we will miss out on a few things, the best is yet to come. Editors Note: Seniors wanting to enter the competition, follow the link below: HSBN Senior Essay Scholarship Competition

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